Forever Rivals

While the Canadiens and Maple Leafs represent the first major, and certainly the most fierce, sports rivalry between Montréal and Toronto, the “two old races and religions” of these rival cities have met across various other pro sports leagues in the past century, whether on the ice at the developmental, historical or women’s level, or on the football field, soccer pitch or baseball diamond.

Wherever and whenever these rivals meet, however, one thing is for certain – the deep rivalry between these two cities, cultures and heritages bleeds in to any sports surface Montréal and Toronto will meet.

Laval Rocket vs. Toronto Marlies
🏒 American Hockey League (1936-present)

Toronto leads all-time series 329-284-50, playoffs 26-19
Trois-Rivières Lions vs. Newfoundland Growlers
🏒 East Coast Hockey League (1988-present)
Toronto leads all-time series 58-28
Montréal leads all-time playoff series 11-9
Montréal Force vs. Toronto Six
🏒 Premier Hockey Federation (2022-present)
Toronto leads all-time series 3-1
Montréal Canadiennes vs. Toronto Furies
🏒 Canadian Women’s Hockey League (2010-19)
Montréal wins all-time series 41-10, playoffs 6-1
Montréal Canadiens vs. Toronto Hockey Club
🏒 National Hockey Association (1910-17)

Montréal wins all-time series 12-9
all-time playoffs tied 1-1
Montréal Alouettes vs. Toronto Argonauts
🏈 Canadian Football League (1907-present)
Montréal leads all-time series 144-139-5, playoffs 9-8
Toronto leads all-time preseason 16-11-1
CF Montréal vs. Toronto FC
⚽ Major League Soccer (2008-present)
Toronto leads all-time series 14-12-6, Canadian Championship 12-5-5
Montréal leads all-time playoffs 2-1
Montréal Expos vs. Toronto Blue Jays
⚾ Major League Baseball (1978-2004)
wins all-time series 24-19
Montréal wins all-time exhibition series 4-3-2