Game 029 – Canadiens 9, St. Pats 5

Game 029
Canadiens 9, St. Pats 5
Monday, January 17, 1921
Aréna Mont-Royal, Montréal, Québec

The Canadiens scored an easy victory over the St. Patricks tonight by 9 to 5. The Frenchmen toyed with the Toronto defence, and outplayed the opposing team at will.

The latter became so disorganized at the end of the play that they crowded back on their goalkeeper in an effort to avert the debacle. They showed little or no combination play, and were outskated and out-generaled at almost all times.

The old plan of frequent changes was again adopted by the Canadiens, who were thus enabled to keep up a fast pace throughout. The visitors were hard up for substitutes, Randall and Wilson having being left in Toronto.

Stuart, the Amherst player, did not make much of an impression, and was weak on the defensive. The Canadiens skated circles round him.

The Canadiens out scored their opponents two to one almost all throughout the game. There was no particularly outstanding play, and the game served the Canadiens largely as a workout for their next two games.

The St. Patricks played such ragged hockey that local fans are convinced they are not strong enough to beat the best of the local city teams.

Story originally published in The Globe, January 18, 1921

1st Period
MTL GOAL – 04:50 – Mummery (Lalonde)
MTL GOAL – 08:00 – Pitre
TOR GOAL – 09:50 – Dye
MTL GOAL – 11:10 – Corbeau (Berlinquette)
TOR GOAL – 12:30 – Stuart (Dye)
MTL GOAL – 13:50 – Mummery (Berlinquette)

2nd Period
TOR GOAL – 01:30 – Dye (Cameron)
MTL GOAL – 09:50 – Pitre (Berlinquette)
MTL GOAL – 11:10 – Berlinquette (Cleghorn)

3rd Period
MTL GOAL – 03:25 – Arbour (Mummery)
MTL GOAL – 05:50 – Arbour
TOR GOAL – 07:25 – Denneny
TOR GOAL – 09:05 – Cameron
MTL GOAL – 18:15 – Corbeau

MTL – Corbeau (minor + major), Mummery (minor + major)

MTL – Vézina (W)
TOR – Forbes (L)

MTLGoaltenders: Georges Vézina. Defence: Bert Corbeau, Harry Mummery. Forwards: Amos Arbour, Louis Berlinquette, Odie Cleghorn, Newsy Lalonde (C), Didier Pitre.
TORGoaltenders: Jake Forbes. Defence: Harry Cameron, Billy Stuart. Forwards: Corb Denneny, Babe Dye, Reg Noble, Ken Randall, Mickey Roach, Rod Smylie.

MTL – 3-5-0 (.375)
TOR – 3-5-0 (.375)