Game 039 – St. Pats 3, Canadiens 1

Game 039
St. Pats 3, Canadiens 1
Wednesday, January 25, 1922
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario

“Babe” Dye’s accurate shooting and the good work of goalkeeper Roach gave the St. Patricks a 3 to 1 victory over the Canadiens here last night in a well played National League game.

The Frenchmen were at full strength, with “Newsy” Lalonde in the fold again, but they were unable to get out in front at any time, although they tried hard all the way. It was the best game the Montréalers have played locally this year.

The crowd was not as large as usual, the majority of the fans taking it for granted that the locals would win easily, but in this they were mistaken, as the visitors made them hustle, and were playing strongly at the finish. The better team undoubtedly won, and it now seems very likely that the Irish will eventually qualify for the playoff series against the league leaders at the end of the season, and the league leaders when the snow begins to melt will be Ottawa.

Lalonde started at centre, and for the first time in many years, the veteran was overanxious. He tried hard throughout, and he came back with nearly all the rushes, but his stickhandling was not as elusive as in the days of yore, and his marksmanship has suffered to a remarkable degree. He is tricky, however, and several times came within an ace of scoring. He was not the Lalonde of yesteryear, but neither was he a weakling.

There was no scoring done in the opening period, and the play was about even, with the visitors having what little advantage there was. Roach saved frequently after the attackers had beaten the defence. At the other end of the rink, Cleghorn and Corbeau were breaking up the local rushes with painful regularity, and Cleghorn, who discarded his rough tactics, also made several dangerous attacks.

Eight minutes after the next period commenced, Randall passed neatly to Noble, and the local coach and manager drove it home. That settled the scoring for the session, but the play was interesting and the fans were given plenty of opportunity to cheer their favourites on. Bouchard, last year with Iroquois Falls, proved a very aggressive individual, and instead of applause, earned the criticism of the fans by his hooking and interference.

The last period had been in progress scarcely two minutes when Cameron raced down the side and passed to Dye, who stepped adroitly through the defence and beat Vézina with a wicked shot. The puck thereafter was transferred from end to end with startling rapidity, and both goalkeepers were called upon to make clever saves.

Finally Denneny made a getaway, and when about to be checked by Boucher, hurdled and collided heavily with the visiting player. Boucher was knocked out, and Denneny had to be assisted from the ice, having injured his shoulder. Later in the game he returned to the fray, but Boucher was unable to play again.

Immediately after resuming, Dye clinched the victory for the locals when he almost ruined a perfectly good LeSeuer net with another rifle fire shot. Three times in a row after that, Dye accepted passes, and faking shots, slipped swiftly through the defence and then lost possession when he attempted to stickhandle around Vézina. Twice he missed the open net.

The St. Patricks tried out their latest arrival, Andrews of Niagara Falls, and he did his best, but found his surroundings a bit strange. He is speedy and apparently a good stickhandler, but he failed to work in with his teammates. The management, however, was satisfied, and they expect that he will make good in the pro league.

Story originally published in The Globe, January 26, 1922

1st Period

2nd Period
TOR PP GOAL – 08:00 – Noble (Randall)

3rd Period
TOR GOAL – 02:30 – Dye (Cameron)
TOR GOAL – 06:00 – Dye
MTL GOAL – 07:30 – Corbeau

TOR – Denneny
MTL – Boucher (2), Berlinquette, Corbeau

TOR – Roach (W)
MTL – Vézina (L)

TORGoaltenders: John Ross Roach. Defence: Harry Cameron, Glenn Smith, Ted Stackhouse, Billy Stuart. Forwards: Lloyd Andrews, Corb Denneny, Babe Dye, Reg Noble (C), Ken Randall.
MTLGoaltenders: Georges Vézina. Defence: Sprague Cleghorn (C), Bert Corbeau, Billy Coutu. Forwards: Louis Berlinquette, Edmond Bouchard, Billy Boucher, Odie Cleghorn, Newsy Lalonde, Didier Pitre.

TOR – 7-5-0 (.583)
MTL – 4-8-0 (.333)