Game 090 – Canadiens 3, Maple Leafs 2 (OT)

Game 090
Canadiens 3, Maple Leafs 2 (OT)
Thursday, November 21, 1929
Forum de Montréal, Montréal, Québec

After two draws and a loss, the Montréal Canadiens tonight succeeded in breaking into the win column of the National Hockey League scoring sheets, but it took them seven minutes of overtime before they captured a tightly fought match from the Toronto Maple Leafs. The score was 3 to 2.

“Battleship” Leduc, the burly Canadien defenceman, won the game when, in the overtime period, he jumped from the penalty box, took a pass from Aurèle Joliat, and netted. The locals’ previous goals had been registered by Wasnie from Burke and Lépine.

Toronto led early when Harold Cotton, the wing man, sent in a good drive after circling the local defence. The Canadiens entered the third period leading 2 to 1, but Bailey, on a pass from Day, tied it up, sending the game into overtime.

Art Smith brought Hainsworth to his knees on an early rush that just missed. Wasnie made a quick dash in for Sylvio Mantha’s rebound, and nearly beat Chabot. Day and Blair combined on two splendid rushes down centre ice, but Hainsworth proved equal to the occasion. Substitutes speeded play, the Canadiens pressing an advantage when Pettinger went off for holding. No damage was done before his return. The Canadiens had hard luck when three forwards, Lépine, Mondou and Larochelle, were through on Chabot, who kicked the puck out of danger.

Harold Cotton rang up the first score when he made a sweeping rush around left wing, swerved in on Hainsworth, and netted.

Sylvio Mantha circled Toronto’s goal, looking for an opening. On the same play Charlie Conacher held Joliat, and was put off. With the odd man in their favour, Burke went down centre, slipped a forward pass to Wasnie, and the score was tied, the new right winger netting a low drive from a difficult angle. Wasnie netted another, but Morenz was blocking Chabot’s view, and it was disallowed. The period ended with Day in the penalty box and the Canadiens pressing.

Before two minutes of the second period had ended, Wasnie slipped a long forward pass to Lépine, who blazed past Chabot and the Canadiens had the lead. The local guards blocked a threatening Cotton, Cox and Day rush. Hainsworth robbed Blair when the tall centre made a good pickup of Bailey’s short pass.

Bailey and Horner, coming on fresh, slipped through the Canadiens’ defence. Bailey’s shot hit Hainsworth on the chest, but the goaler rushed out and knocked the rebound off his stick. At this stage of the game, Toronto had the Canadiens pinned in their own end.

Pettinger took a penalty for tripping Joliat, and during his absence Toronto killed time, with Morenz and Joliat crowding in on them. Shortly after Pettinger’s return, Burke and Leduc crashed heavily into the Toronto defence, but were fended out. Chabot held the puck too long, and the Canadiens were granted a faceoff directly in front of the nets. Cox and Bailey tested Hainsworth with fast drives.

Morenz and Joliat were dumped together behind Toronto’s net, and the speedy Leaf forwards dashed through, but found Hainsworth too steady. Morenz raised an open net on Joliat’s pass from behind the goal. The Canadiens were driving in determinedly, Sylvio Mantha and Morenz having hard luck.

Toronto tied the score when Bailey and Day went through together, the right winger making the tally. Hainsworth shot the puck high into the stands to clear a Pettinger-Conacher rush. Wasnie hit the post on Leduc’s passout. Pettinger and Cotton were in the penalty box together, but Blair, Conacher and Horner kept the Canadiens out. Cotton returned, and Joliat was penalized.

With the teams at full strength, Howie Morenz for the second time missed what looked like an easy goal by shooting wild. Burke joined Joliat in the box, and it was Toronto’s turn to have two men to the good, but they could not score. Bailey and Horner were benched. Both sides were losing excellent chances with loose work around the nets.

Cotton, Bailey and Cox split the Canadien defence with a well timed rush, which ended in a scrimmage around Hainsworth’s feet. Mantha’s rush was stopped by Day, who skated him into a corner. Play was swinging from end to end with great rapidity. Wasnie just missed giving his team the victory as the period ended, and they went into overtime.

As the overtime started, Bailey and Horner missed when inside the Canadien defence. Horner held his pass too long, and Bailey was smothered by Burke. Slowness by the Canadien defence let Blair send a hard shot at Hainsworth. Morenz made the locals’ first dangerous rush of the period when he brought Chabot to his knees with a hard drive, and then failed to lift the rebound, crashing it into the goaler’s pads. Conacher was benched. Leduc went from end to end, but Chabot smothered his low drive. The big defenceman loafed too long in the Toronto area, and went off, giving Toronto the advantage.

Leduc won for the Canadiens when he jumped from the penalty box direct into a combination play with Joliat and netted. With two minutes to go, and Morenz in the box for slashing, Toronto tried hard, but they could not penetrate Hainsworth’s guard.

Story originally published in The Globe, November 22, 1929

1st Period
TOR GOAL – 09:32 – Cotton (Pettinger)
MTL GOAL – 13:29 – Wasnie (Burke)
TOR PENS – Conacher, Day, Horner, Pettinger

2nd Period
MTL GOAL – 01:48 – Lépine (Wasnie)

TOR PEN – Pettinger

3rd Period
TOR GOAL – 03:48 – Bailey (Day)
MTL PENS – Joliat, Burke, Wasnie
TOR PENS – Bailey, Cotton, Horner, Smith

MTL GOAL – 07:23 – Leduc (Joliat)
MTL PENS – Leduc, Morenz
TOR PEN – Horner

MTL – Hainsworth (W)
TOR – Chabot (L)

MTLGoaltenders: George Hainsworth. Defence: Marty Burke, Gord Fraser, Albert Leduc, Georges Mantha, Sylvio Mantha (C). Forwards: Aurèle Joliat, Wildor Larochelle, Pit Lépine, Armand Mondou, Howie Morenz, Nick Wasnie.
TORGoaltenders: Lorne Chabot. Defence: Hap Day (C), Art Duncan, Red Horner, Art Smith. Forwards: Ace Bailey, Andy Blair, Charlie Conacher, Baldy Cotton, Danny Cox, Eric Pettinger.

MTL – 1-1-2 (.500)
TOR – 0-3-1 (.125)