Game 111 – Maple Leafs 2, Canadiens 1

Game 111
Maple Leafs 2, Canadiens 1
Tuesday, December 20, 1932
Forum de Montréal, Montréal, Québec

A pair of goals in the third period gave the Toronto Leafs an unexpected 2-1 victory over the Canadiens, in a fast and exciting National Hockey League game here tonight.

The Canadiens held a 1-0 lead till halfway through the final period, when the Leafs suddenly came to life with a desperate drive that brought them level with the speeding Frenchmen, and sent them into the lead with less than a minute to go.

Wildor Larochelle jumped the Canadiens into the lead in the first period on a pass from Armand Mondou. The Canadiens held the edge on the play in the first period and part of the second, but Lorne Chabot, sensational in his goal cage, held them off as the Leafs paraded steadily to the penalty bench.

The Leafs started their furious counterattack late in the last period. King Clancy banged the puck into the twine on a double pass from “Chuck” Conacher and “Red” Horner, and the score was tied at 1-1. Just fifty seconds from the end of the game, “Busher” Jackson whirled down the left boards and cut loose with a whistling shot that streaked right across Hainsworth’s chest into the top of the cage.

It was a lusty, hard bumping game in the first two periods, and “Red” Horner and Armand Mondou each picked up a major penalty for fist fighting in a corner. There were no penalties at all in the third period, as both teams settled down to fast and serious hockey.

Primeau tipped the puck back to “Chuck” Conacher on the faceoff, and Conacher tried Hainsworth with a long one. Gagnon led two skirmishes inside the Toronto defence, and then Sylvio Mantha was banished for tripping. The Red Shirts ragged the puck and held the Leaf “kid” line at bay until Mantha was back. Morenz made a meteoric rush right to Chabot, but the goalkeeper stopped the shot.

Irwin sent on Gracie, Blair and Doraty. Lépine, Mondou and Larochelle gave the Canucks’ first line a rest.

Mondou raced down, diving into a corner. He passed back to Larochelle, and the fleet Canadiens’ wing sank it into the net to put the Flying Frenchmen one up. Bob Gracie got a penalty for roughing it with Sylvio Mantha. The Canadiens rushed in close. Joliat and Bailey were sent off for high sticking. Cotton rushed alone, but was stopped by Burke. G. Mantha raced in for a quick shot at Chabot. Clancy shot from the blue line.

Lépine, Carson and Larochelle each had a shot at Chabot from inside the Toronto blue line. The Leafs were finding the Canadiens’ defence pretty tough. The “kid” line came on again. Jackson was chased for slashing. Charlie Conacher was sent off for charging Morenz, but Jackson was back. The Canadiens started skirmishing, and Chabot was lucky, as Giroux missed a pass four feet from the goal. Levinsky and Day stood off the raiders until the period whistle blew.

Chabot made a great falling save from Sylvio Mantha, who had broken through the Toronto defence. The Canadiens were checking closely, and the Leafs started driving in for rebounds without success. Leduc rushed and got two shots away at Chabot. Larochelle tried a high one from the blue line. Chabot made a great stop off Lépine’s flip shot. Doraty and Gracie rushed, but were stopped at the Canadiens’ defence. Mondou was chased for high stick work.

The Canadiens’ defence stubbornly held off the eager Leafs until Mondou came back. “Red” Horner and Mondou broke into a fist fight, and were both sent off with major penalties. Gagnon and Clancy were next to go off for rough work.

It was wildly exciting hockey for a few minutes, with only three men on each side exclusive of the goalkeepers. Morenz broke away alone and safely rounded Levinsky, only to be beaten by Lorne Chabot in the net. Then Harold Cotton got through to Hainsworth, but the little Canadien goalkeeper stopped the shot early.

A minor to Primeau left the Leafs still one short. Just after Primeau was back, the Leafs staged a four man rush that broke through the Canadiens’ defence, but came to grief on Hainsworth’s pads. Clancy went off for tripping Morenz. Then Horner went off for charging. The Leafs were two short. Chabot saved from Gagnon and Joliat in turn. The Canadiens had everybody up the ice, but were unable to beat Chabot. Clancy and Horner came back.

Carson was chased for dumping “Red” Horner. The Canadiens were short a man for a change. Morenz ragged the puck for a moment, and then Horner was stopped at the Canadiens’ defence on a fast rush. Horner started another rush, but Morenz poke-checked him and was off for a quick solo dash. He shot through Clancy’s legs, but Chabot made a nice stop. The Canadiens stood firm on their blue line and held off the Leafs till the whistle ended the period.

The Canadiens started a man short, and were on the defensive. Chuck Conacher almost upset Hainsworth with a blistering shot through a maze of players. The Canadiens were back at full strength again. Lépine broke up two rushes with his poke-check. Day was stopped by the Canadiens’ defence. Larochelle almost beat Chabot in a race for Lépine’s rebound off the boards. Blair rushed, but his shot went into the crowd. Two Toronto attacks were spoiled by offsides.

Chabot made a marvellous save off Howie Morenz, and then repeated as Leduc got through to him. Morenz rushed right through to Chabot again, and a falling save brought the crowd up with a roar. Lépine stopped Primeau’s rush at centre ice. Clancy rushed, and was stopped. He rushed again, with Conacher and Horner. They bored in on Hainsworth from the right wing three abreast. A double pass gave Clancy his chance to whip the equalizing goal into the Canadiens’ cage.

Lépine and Larochelle teamed on a smart play, but Chabot stopped the shot. Chabot made two saves from Lépine and Larochelle. Darragh made two rushes, ending in long shots at Hainsworth. The “kid” line came on. Conacher rushed, and Hainsworth dropped to save from Primeau’s shot. Primeau tried a long shot, and then Gagnon rushed to a corner, but was smothered. With less than a minute to go, Busher Jackson put the game safely away for the Leafs with a dazzling shot that Hainsworth never saw. Jackson went down left wing, and flicked a long shot from the boards that buzzed across Hainsworth’s chest into the twine.

Story originally published in The Globe, December 21, 1932

1st Period
MTL PEN – 05:00 – S. Mantha
MTL GOAL – 07:50 – Larochelle (Mondou)
TOR PEN – 09:00 – Gracie
TOR PEN – 13:00 – Bailey
MTL PEN – 16:00 – Joliat
TOR PEN – 17:00 – Jackson
TOR PEN – 19:00 – Conacher

2nd Period
MTL PEN – 01:00 – Mondou
MTL PEN – 03:00 – Mondou, major
TOR PEN – 03:00 – Horner, major
MTL PEN – 06:00 – Gagnon
TOR PEN – 13:00 – Clancy
TOR PEN – 15:00 – Primeau
TOR PEN – 17:00 – Clancy
TOR PEN – 19:00 – Horner
MTL PEN – 19:15 – Carson

3rd Period
TOR GOAL – 09:01 – Jackson
TOR GOAL – 09:50 – Clancy (Horner, Conacher)

TOR – Chabot (W, 29-30)
MTL – Hainsworth (L, 27-29)

TOR – 5+12+12 = 29
MTL – 11+10+9 = 30

TORGoaltenders: Lorne Chabot. Defence: King Clancy, Hap Day (C), Red Horner, Alex Levinsky. Forwards: Ace Bailey, Andy Blair, Charlie Conacher, Baldy Cotton, Harold Darragh, Ken Doraty, Bob Gracie, Busher Jackson, Joe Primeau.
MTLGoaltenders: George Hainsworth (C). Defence: Marty Burke, Gerry Carson, Albert Leduc, Georges Mantha, Sylvio Mantha. Forwards: Johnny Gagnon, Leo Gaudreault, Art Giroux, Aurèle Joliat, Wildor Larochelle, Pit Lépine, Armand Mondou, Howie Morenz.

TOR – 8-4-2 (.643)
MTL – 4-9-1 (.321)