Game 166 – Maple Leafs 2, Canadiens 1

Game 166
Maple Leafs 2, Canadiens 1
Sunday, February 18, 1940
Forum de Montréal, Montréal, Québec

In one of the hardest bumping and roughest National Hockey League games seen in Montréal in a good many seasons, the Toronto Maple Leafs scored a 2-1 victory tonight over the Montréal Canadiens as the second largest crowd of the local season – 10,320 paid admissions – looked on.

While the officials handed out twenty two penalties – five of them majors – the Leafs made it their second victory of the weekend over the Habitants on a goal in the first period by Bingo Kampman, and another in the third by Nick Metz shortly after Ray Getliffe had drawn the Habitants even.

As the players tripped, bumped, fought in corners and along the boards, major penalties were handed out to Murph Chamberlain, Gus Marker, Red Goupille, Red Horner and Toe Blake. All but Chamberlain’s major came in the third period when, at one time, there were eight men in the penalty box.

Beaten 3-1 in Toronto by the Leafs Saturday night, the Habitants, fighting like fury to make the last play to make the last play off shot, had to play without the services of defenceman Walter Buswell and centreman Armand Mondou.

It was evident from the very outset that the game was going to be a slam-bang affair, for in the first five minutes of the opening period, referee Bill Stewart had to hand out five penalties.

In the second period, defenceman Doug Young suffered a knee injury when Kampman fell atop him in a corner. Between the second and third sessions, manager Jules Dugal announced that the injury likely would keep Young from further action in the game, but Young made a brief appearance near the end of the game.

At the peak of the penalty parade, when Marker, Goupille, Bob Davidson, Rhys Thomson, Horner, Blake, Stanowski and Chisholm were off at the same time, there wasn’t enough room to accommodate them in the penalty coop, and ushers had to bring a chair for one of the culprits, and another for the harassed timekeeper.

Story originally published in The Globe & Mail, February 19, 1940

1st Period
TOR GOAL – 14:37 – Kampman (Langelle)
TOR PENS – Chamberlain (major), Chisholm, Church, Heron, Kampman
MTL PENS – Drouin, Goupille, Trudel, Young

2nd Period
TOR PEN – Chamberlain
MTL PENS – Goupille (2)

3rd Period
MTL GOAL – 10:30 – Getliffe (Trudel, Raymond)
TOR GOAL – 11:48 – Metz

TOR PENS – Horner (major), Marker (major), Chisholm, Church, Davidson, Stanowski
MTL PENS – Blake (major), Goupille (major), Thomson (2)

TOR – Broda (W)
MTL – Cude (L)

TORGoaltenders: Turk Broda. Defence: Jack Church, Red Horner (C), Bingo Kampman, Wally Stanowski. Forwards: Murph Chamberlain, Lex Chisholm, Bob Davidson, Gordie Drillon, Hank Goldup, Red Heron, Pep Kelly, Pete Langelle, Gus Marker, Nick Metz.
MTLGoaltenders: Wilf Cude. Defence: Red Goupille, Georges Mantha, Armand Raymond, Rhys Thomson, Doug Young. Forwards: Toe Blake, Tony Demers, Polly Drouin, Ray Getliffe, Rod Lorrain, Bill Meronek, Gordie Poirier, Charlie Sands, Lou Trudel.

TOR – 19-14-5 (.566)
MTL – 9-24-4 (.297)