Game 004 – Canadiens 5, Arenas 1

Game 004
Canadiens 5, Arenas 1
Saturday, January 19, 1918
Aréna Jubilée, Montréal, Québec

The Canadiens won an easy victory over Toronto here Saturday night by 5 to 1. The visitors, who evidently were tired after their journey from Toronto, having been on the train from 11 o’clock Friday night until near 6 o’clock Saturday evening, were outplayed at every stage of the game.

The visiting team were weak in checking, and the forwards of the home team had more or less of a free hand at times.

The Canadiens were leading by five goals at the end of the second period. Toronto’s single goal, which was obtained in the third period, was secured by Mummery, a defence player formerly of Québec, who made the goal from a scrimmage in front of the net.

Pitre carried off the honours for the Frenchmen. He scored three of the five goals, and Malone and Lalonde got the other two. Lalonde hurt his right ankle shortly after the second period started, and had to retire for the remainder of the game. The game was free from roughness. Pitre was taken out in the final period, and Bell went on in his place.

With Saturday night’s win, the Canadiens are regarded as having practically clinched the championship of the first half of the season’s schedule, and will play off the winner of the second half, should either Toronto or Ottawa get the lead later.

Story originally published in The Globe, January 21, 1918

1st Period
MTL GOAL – 05:40 – Malone (Lalonde)
MTL GOAL – 19:20 – Pitre

2nd Period
MTL GOAL – 02:00 – Lalonde
MTL GOAL – 17:10 – Pitre (Corbeau)
MTL GOAL – 18:20 – Pitre (Coutu)

3rd Period
TOR GOAL – 01:45 – Mummery (Denneny)

MTL – Hall (2), Bell, Berlinquette, Laviolette
TOR – Mummery (2), Randall (2)

MTL – Vézina (W)
TOR – Holmes (L)

MTLGoaltenders: Georges Vézina. Defence: Bert Corbeau, Billy Coutu, Joe Hall, Jack Laviolette. Forwards: Billy Bell, Louis Berlinquette, Newsy Lalonde (C), Joe Malone, Didier Pitre.
TORGoaltenders: Hap Holmes. Defence: Harry Cameron, Harry Mummery. Forwards: Corb Denneny, Harry Meeking, Reg Noble, Ken Randall (C), Alf Skinner.

MTL – 7-2-0 (.778)
TOR – 6-4-0 (.600)