Game 016 – Canadiens 10, Arenas 0

Game 016
Canadiens 10, Arenas 0
Saturday, February 1, 1919
Aréna Jubilée, Montréal, Québec

The Canadiens made a show of the Toronto Arenas in a scheduled fixture of the National Hockey League at the Jubilée Rink on Saturday night, defeating them by a score of 10 to 0.

The Canadiens always had the edge on their opponents, and used every man in their team, starting the game with five substitutes and two regulars. The play was too one sided to be interesting, the Arenas playing like a lot of schoolboys against seniors.

The Canadiens were at the top of their form, notwithstanding the hard gruelling they went through in the overtime match at Ottawa on Thursday night, and started in from the commencement of play to pile up a big score. The fast ice surface suited the French club players, and they fairly smothered their opponents with speed throughout the hour’s play.

The Arenas were without Crawford, who for the first couple of periods mingled with the crowd at the resting intervals, and when sent on in the third session only remained on the ice for a few minutes, being of little assistance to his team.

Story originally published in The Globe, February 3, 1919

1st Period
MTL GOAL – 11:00 – Berlinquette
MTL GOAL – 12:30 – Cleghorn (Lalonde)
MTL GOAL – 16:30 – Cleghorn (Lalonde)
MTL GOAL – 18:15 – Cleghorn
MTL GOAL – 19:05 – Pitre

2nd Period
MTL GOAL – 08:10 – Lalonde

3rd Period
MTL GOAL – 02:10 – Berlinquette
MTL GOAL – 05:55 – Cleghorn
MTL GOAL – 11:05 – Lalonde
MTL GOAL – 19:05 – McDonald

MTL – Corbeau
TOR – Ritchie

MTL – Vézina (W + SO)
TOR – Lindsay (L)

MTLGoaltenders: Georges Vézina. Defence: Bert Corbeau, Billy Coutu. Forwards: Louis Berlinquette, Odie Cleghorn, Newsy Lalonde (C), Joe Malone, Jack McDonald, Didier Pitre.
TORGoaltenders: Bert Lindsay. Defence: Harry Mummery, Dave Ritchie. Forwards: Jack Adams, Rusty Crawford, Corb Denneny, Reg Noble, Ken Randall, Alf Skinner.

MTL – 8-5-0 (.615)
TOR – 3-9-0 (.250)