Game 019 – Canadiens 8, Arenas 2

Game 019
Canadiens 8, Arenas 2
Saturday, February 15, 1919
Aréna Jubilée, Montréal, Québec

The Canadiens played with the Arenas Saturday as a cat with a mouse, and the score at the end of the hour’s time was 8 to 2 in favour of the locals. Whatever chance the Arenas had of tying with Ottawa for the second half of the race was killed by the loss.
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Game 012 – Canadiens 6, Arenas 3

Game 012
Canadiens 6, Arenas 3
Saturday, December 28, 1918
Aréna Jubilée, Montréal, Québec

By defeating the Toronto Arena team in a scheduled match in the National Hockey League at the Jubilée Rink on Saturday night by a score of 6 to 3, the Canadiens bettered their position in the standing of the teams, and showed themselves at the top of their form.
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Game 011 – Canadiens 4, Arenas 3

Game 011
Canadiens 4, Arenas 3
Monday, December 23, 1918
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario

Bombastry is a poor weapon. Whatever the future may hold in store for professional hockey hereabout, the opening local game of the National Hockey League was played last night as scheduled, and manager Querrie of the Arenas was fully justified for the position he took Saturday and Sunday when he insisted that the game would be played. The Arenas were beaten by the Canadiens of Montréal 4 to 3.
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