Game 018 – Arenas 6, Canadiens 4

Game 018
Arenas 6, Canadiens
Tuesday, February 11, 1919
Arena Gardens, Toronto, Ontario

The Arenas defeated the Canadiens here last night by 6 to 4, and still have an outside chance to overhaul Ottawa and figure in a playoff for the title.

However, to do so they will have to play much better than they did last evening. They won the game strictly on their merits, but they did not show any extraordinary ability.

Randall and Noble again bore the brunt of the work for the Blue Shirts, and both were prominent at all times. The former notched three of the six goals after clever end to end dashes, while the latter did some splendid backchecking and notched two counters. Lindsay showed up well in the net, while Mummery blocked in his usual stellar style.

The game proved exciting in the final thirty minutes, but previous to this it was a listless affair. The Canadiens did not extend themselves at first, but they were going strong at the finish. “Newsy” Lalonde was again prominent, while Pitre played better than is usual for him on local ice. He made many spectacular dashes, but was unable to outguess the local defence.

Corbeau and Hall proved erratic, showing flashes of real form on occasions and looking very bad on others. Noble and Randall experienced little difficulty in getting in close, and both missed many opportunities to tally.

Play was very slow in the opening period, and little good hockey was shown. Noble and Randall missed several opportunities to tally. Finally, Cleghorn took a pass from Lalonde and beat Lindsay with an easy shot. Six minutes later, Noble did the trick for the locals. There was no further scoring in this session.

Skinner got his teammates going in the second session, when after two minutes of play he beat Vézina with a wicked shot. The Canadiens then went to work with a will, matters grew exciting, Lalonde and Corbeau led several dangerous attacks, and before the period ended the former scored twice for the visitors. Randall, who had been showing grand form, notched two goals in quick succession, and the teams retired with the Arenas leading 4 to 3.

The best hockey of the night was shown in the final period. Lalonde repeatedly led dangerous attacks on the local citadel, and was ably assisted by Pitre. However, try as they would, the Arenas had a slight edge and outscored the Canadiens 2 to 1.

Story originally published in The Globe, February 12, 1919

1st Period
MTL GOAL – 06:00 – Lalonde (Cleghorn)
TOR GOAL – 11:00 – Noble

2nd Period
TOR GOAL – 02:00 – Skinner (Randall)
MTL GOAL – 09:00 – Lalonde
TOR GOAL – 14:00 – Randall (Skinner)
TOR GOAL – 16:30 – Randall (Adams)
MTL GOAL – 17:30 – Lalonde (Cleghorn)

3rd Period
TOR GOAL – 07:00 – Noble (Denneny)
MTL GOAL – 11:00 – Pitre
TOR GOAL – 14:00 – Randall

TOR – Adams (2), Mummery (2)
MTL – Pitre (2), Corbeau, Hall

TOR – Lindsay (W)
MTL – Vézina (L)

TORGoaltenders: Bert Lindsay. Defence: Harry Mummery. Forwards: Jack Adams, Rusty Crawford, Corb Denneny, Harry Meeking, Reg Noble, Ken Randall, Alf Skinner.
MTLGoaltenders: Georges Vézina. Defence: Bert Corbeau, Joe Hall. Forwards: Billy Bell, Louis Berlinquette, Odie Cleghorn, Newsy Lalonde (C), Jack McDonald, Didier Pitre.

TOR – 5-10-0 (.333)
MTL – 9-7-0 (.563)