Game 045 – Canadiens 8, St. Pats 2

Game 045
Canadiens 8, St. Pats 2
Saturday, December 30, 1922
Aréna Mont-Royal, Montréal, Québec

The St. Patricks, the world’s professional champions, received one of the worst defeats administered to a team in the National Hockey League this season, when they were downed by the Canadiens at the Mount Royal Arena Saturday night by 8 to 2.

An opening period marked by excellent hockey and hard shooting, in which the Canadiens had a fair margin, gave way to the last two periods when the St. Patricks crumbled under the pace and the aggressive Habitants sent the score soaring.

All the regulars of the Canadiens team scored in the game, and that grey-haired veteran of the many hockey battles, Didier Pitre, met the loud applause that greeted his appearance near the end of the last period by scoring the final goal of the game, taking a pass from Berlinquette in front of Roach and giving him no opportunity to get near the puck.

Four thousand five hundred fans witnessed the match, filling the Arena, and it was another holiday crowd.

Story originally published in The Québec Daily Telegraph, January 2, 1923

1st Period
MTL GOAL – 07:20 – Joliat
TOR GOAL – 10:20 – Adams
MTL GOAL – 11:40 – S. Cleghorn
MTL PEN – Boucher, major
TOR PEN – Dye, major

2nd Period
MTL GOAL – 04:20 – Joliat
MTL GOAL – 10:00 – Joliat
MTL GOAL – 14:40 – O. Cleghorn (Boucher)
TOR GOAL – 17:50 – Noble (Randall)
TOR PEN – Randall

3rd Period
MTL GOAL – 06:50 – Boucher (Joliat)
MTL GOAL – 08:25 – Coutu (O. Cleghorn)
MTL GOAL – 15:50 – Pitre (Berlinquette)
MTL PEN – O. Cleghorn
TOR PEN – Cameron

MTL – Vézina (W)
TOR – Roach (L)

MTLGoaltenders: Georges Vézina. Defence: Sprague Cleghorn (C), Billy Coutu. Forwards: Billy Bell, Louis Berlinquette, Billy Boucher, Odie Cleghorn, Aurèle Joliat, Joe Malone, Didier Pitre.
TORGoaltenders: John Ross Roach. Defence: Harry Cameron, Billy Stuart. Forwards: Jack Adams, Lloyd Andrews, Babe Dye, Reg Noble, Ken Randall, Ganton Scott.

MTL – 2-2-1 (.500)
TOR – 2-3-0 (.400)