Game 192 – Maple Leafs 4, Canadiens 2

Game 192
Maple Leafs 4, Canadiens 2
Sunday, February 28, 1943
Forum de Montréal, Montréal, Québec

The Toronto Maple Leafs wound up their scheduled National Hockey League visits to Montréal by outscoring the Canadiens 4-2 tonight, before a gathering of 11,880 paid admissions.

The Habitants did most of the work, and the game was fought out mostly on Toronto ice, but the breaks were in favour of the Maple Leafs, and that’s what counted in the long run.

The Habitants held a brief lead when Glen Harmon shot the puck past Turk Broda early in the opening frame. Buddy O’Connor made the goal possible, serving up a hot pass from the right flank, and Dutch Hiller aided in drawing Broda from the cage. However, Reg Hamilton restored the Leafs to an even keel when he made a solo rush down the ice and knocked the puck past Paul Bibeault.

In the second period, the Leafs moved into a 3-1 lead on goals by Mel Hill and Jack McLean. Hill worked into position and drew an assist from Jack Hamilton, and had no difficulty in working the puck past Bibeault. Then McLean drove home what proved to be the important goal, when he snatched a pass from Jack Forsey and scored with a dead-on shot from eight feet out.

In the closing stanza, Billy Taylor scored on a major penalty shot when he worked right in on Bibeault and shot the puck through the goalie’s legs. O’Connor netted the neatest goal of the game when he collected a pass from Dutch Hiller and backhanded a shot from in front of the net which Broda couldn’t handle. An assist was given to Ray Getliffe on the shot.

Story originally published in The Globe & Mail, March 1, 1943

1st Period
MTL GOAL – 03:14 – Harmon (O’Connor, Hiller)

TOR GOAL – 06:53 – R. Hamilton
TOR PEN – Davidson
MTL PEN – Portland

2nd Period
TOR GOAL – 02:34 – Hill (J. Hamilton)
TOR GOAL – 14:22 – McLean (Forsey)

TOR PEN – Hill
MTL PENS – Benoit (2)

3rd Period
TOR PEN SHOT GOAL – 05:20 – Taylor

MTL GOAL – 14:45 – O’Connor (Hiller, Getliffe)
TOR PENS – Jones, Pratt

TOR – Broda (W)
MTL – Bibeault (L)

TORGoaltenders: Turk Broda. Defence: Reg Hamilton, Buck Jones, Bucko McDonald, Babe Pratt. Forwards: Lorne Carr, Bob Davidson, Jack Forsey, Jackie Hamilton, Mel Hill, Jack McLean, Sweeney Schriner, Gaye Stewart, Billy Taylor.
MTLGoaltenders: Paul Bibeault. Defence: Butch Bouchard, Glen Harmon, Jack Portland. Forwards: Joe Benoit, Toe Blake (C), Ray Getliffe, Dutch Hiller, Elmer Lach, Leo Lamoureux, Bill Meronek, Buddy O’Connor, Charlie Sands, Alex Smart.

TOR – 20-17-6 (.535)
MTL – 17-19-8 (.477)